Today i’m sharing my daily skincare and hair routine. Most of my friends have the most complicated routines that I would need instructions for to be able to follow it. I like to think mine is actually quite simple.


When I wake up I immediately wash my face with The Body Shop strawberry body scrub and slap a ton of cocoa butter cream on my face, neck and hands. The cream I use is actually a Tesco own-brand and is my holy grail despite being so damn cheap. I’ve tried so many creams that are designed especially for eczema but after however many years I’ve finally found one that actually works a dream. While I wait for the cream to soak in I get dressed and deal with my hair, whatever I choose to do with it. Generally I just spray some dry shampoo in and leave it down or put it in a quick ponytail. After about 10 minutes I put my makeup on. I do a really simple look- literally just eyebrows, mascara and sometimes some eyeshadow and concealer if I feel like it.


I recently downloaded an app called ‘My Water’ which basically helps me track my water intake every day. I have my daily goal as 1.6l which most days I achieve. I actually really hate the taste of water so I generally drink squash and reach about 2l a day. This may mean that I constantly have to pee (TMI?) but my skin has improved so much. I’ve been blessed with skin that generally doesn’t get acne but I have always had quite severe eczema. Drinking 2l a day has really helped my skin improve as well as a variety of other things I have adapted in my life. In addition to this, I live in lip balm. And again, I don’t go for the more established brands like Nivea. They may look the part but I find the cheaper ones often come in a medicated and menthol two-pack which I can actually feel working compared to the vanilla ones.


I generally shower in the evening as it just fits my lifestyle better. Of course, every day I wash and I do a full body exfoliation. Many people would disagree with this because the skin doesn’t have time to replenish but with eczema I have constantly dry skin so exfoliation is just keeps me feeling fresh and helps me manage it better.

Once I’m out of the shower I remove my makeup with Garnier SkinActive Miscellar Cleansing water and then wash my face with Benefit Foamingly Clean Facial Wash. I just rub this into my skin with wet hands and then wash it off with a flannel and warm water.

When I really feel like treating myself I remove my makeup with Benefit Remove It Makeup Remover. To moisturise I then squirt two pumps of Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion and mix with a little bit of Benefit Moisture Prep Toning Lotion.


On days I wash my hair I use Tresemme shampoo and conditioner and then spray Osmo Deep Moisture Dual Action Miracle Repair spray in my hair while its wet. I only brush my hair straight after I wash it- some people may find this a tad odd but it prevents my hair from going all static and frizzy.I then go to sleep with my hair in a twist. Naturally my hair is quite frizzy if I leave it to air dry but this just eases the frizz and means I don’t feel like straightening or curling my hair the next morning.

H x



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