My Travel Bucket List

Travelling is a great passion of mine and something I’ve been lucky to do a lot of over the past few years. In the last ten years I have managed to travel to a range of cities and countries-
Krakow, Poland
Rome, Italy
Venice, Italy
Desenzano, Italy
Lazise, Italy
Montreux, Switzerland
Paris, France
Makunudu, Maldives
New York

However it is something I am determined to continue in the future so this is my top ten places to visit in my bucket list! For most of these places I actually have no reason for wanting to visit other than childhood and media influences- but either way here we go!

Lapland, Finland

My main reason for this is the Northern Lights. I have attempted to see them in Glendale on the Isle of Skye but I didn’t get there in time to see them in full action. Instead I would love to go somewhere known for the Northern Lights- Lapland.




New Zealand



I have no reason for this other than curiosity. Japanese culture is so different to the British culture that I know that I would just love to experience Japan firsthand.


Santorini, Greece



Considering I could go to Spain for the weekend I haven’t been since I was a baby so I actually have no recollection of the country. I have many friends from Spain and would love to visit them while also getting the chance to explore. Malaga especially is one of the many Spanish cities that I would love to visit.


Los Angeles

LA is such an iconic city in the American film industry. I think anyone who has a passion for music, film or just media in general would go to LA if they ever get the chance to just because of its influence on modern culture.


Bora Bora



I have already been to Makunudu however that is one if the smallest islands in the Maldives. There are so many more to explore I want to go back to fully appreciate the beauty of the islands.


This is only a select few of the places I want to travel to but if I get the chance these will be my top choices in destination!

H x


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