My Happy List

What makes me happy? Well, a lot of things. This is a list of what makes me happy when I’m feeling down.

1. Reading
There’s something so magical and relaxing about mentally jumping into another universe on paper. Whenever I’m having a bad day I always read Harry Potter. Even at school I keep a copy of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in my room when I need to get away from problems or thoughts. I’ve read them so long I just picture myself in the story and kind of drift away from my reality. Most days I don’t have time to read that much anymore because I’m constantly either at school working or doing homework but I always have a stack of books waiting for me fro when I have a spare few hours.

2. Binge watching a TV series
This is actually a recent one for me. I never used to be a binge watcher but now I don’t actually watch TV. When I say that I mean I never turn Sky on and just see what’s on. My school holidays are my time to watch ‘TV’. My most recent binge watch was Grey’s Anatomy. I used to watch this with my mum but about a two years ago we bought to twelve season box set and now every holiday I watch a season. I particularly like this because I have an emotional connection to Grey’s- as a child I never really knew what was happening but now I have a real appreciation for the plot, the characters and the production.

3. Playing with my dogs
My dogs are the ultimate stress relief for me. I have two Jack Russel crosses and they are my absolute world. Whenever I’m feeling down all I want is some affection and the one thing I know for certain is that my dogs will give me constant attention and love. Anyone who has pets I’m sure can relate to this.

4. Going for a walk
I’ve spent a significant part of my childhood in Scotland, and no not the bit of Scotland attached to England. I mean the Isle of Skye in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland- completely surrounded by mountains and wildlife and secluded from other people. This gave me a real appreciation for just being outside and by myself, and probably contributed to my antisocial behaviour. Of course I can’t just nip off to Skye whenever I want to be alone but I can turn off my phone and just be in the moment on a walk through the fields.

5. Watching the sunset
Watching the sunset isn’t specifically for when I’m feeling down but everyday I watch the sunset, if I remember. I’m generally quite consistent and try to make an effort at keeping this habit. It’s nothing much but it’s kind of a way of me winding down at the end of the day.

6. Baking cookies
There are some days when all you want is some comfort food. If I had the patience I would take all day to make something that I could really dig into and feel the warmth but I’m not so instead I just stick to baking cookies that take 30 minutes to make and cook before I can eat them!

7. Watching a movie under a ton of blankets on my sofa
Normally this wouldn’t be all that significant to me but I have a fluffy corner sofa. I’ll repeat again- a fluffy corner sofa. Just laying on the sofa itself feels like floating on a cloud but add cosy, freshly washed blankets, and my cookies, and I am actually in heaven!

8. Warm weather
I’m such a sucker for warm weather. Spending so much of my time in Scotland being wrapped up in layers of mountain clothing and waterproof jackets I devour any warm weather I get. Living in England also means I don’t actually get all that much warm weather and if I do it doesn’t last for long so going away to pretty much anywhere is always wonderful because of ten warm weather let alone anything else.

9. Taking photos
I love taking photos whether that’s of the sunset, the scenery, my dogs or my friends I love capturing the moments that make memories. I also have a ton of really random memories so my photos are pretty random but I love it.

10. Having a pamper evening
When I’m feeling under the weather there is actually nothing better than just looking after myself. Most days I have a routine where I shower, take off my makeup, slap a crap ton if cream on and go to bed but when I take the time to pamper myself I feel so much better. This could be having a bath, doing a face mask, painting my nails or plaiting my hair, it all helps me feel a little more relaxed and put together.

11. Spending time with my friends
As such as I love being alone I also love talking to people and being around others it’s just that most people annoy me so to spend time with my friends is a win win. We could do just about anything and I just feel comfortable and happy. My friends are such a big part of my life that spending time with them is always a bit of a soother.

12. Lighting a lavender candle or the Yankee candle ‘Icicles’
Candles are my weakness. If I could I would buy a hundred candles and light them all day every day but instead I just stick to my favourites. Lavender is a scent I associate to my childhood because my mum always used to use a lavender soap from the Isle of Arran which I now find really comforting. My other favourite is a Yankee candle called Icicles. I discovered this a few years and now it is a staple for me. As the name suggests it is a winter candle and smells of Christmas in a pot but I can’t think of anything more incredible.

13. Going to the park
It’s a tradition with me and one of my friends that whenever we go to each other’s houses we always go to the park. We always walk to the local shop, buy an ice cream and head to the park. I think of this as a way of letting my inner child free and just having fun without having to think about anything.

14. Playing Pooh sticks with my dad
Another tradition I have is playing Pooh sticks with my dad. Reading Winnie the Pooh was a regular occurrence with him and even though he’s stopped reading a book to me before bed we still play Pooh sticks whenever we see a river.

15. Having a long shower and wash my hair
Im sure most girls can relate with me on this- whenever I feel bad taking a long, hot shower and washing my hair is one of the best things I can do. I consider it almost as a way of starting afresh and having a clean slate. Once I’m clean an refreshed and anew then I can deal with whatever I need to.

16. Adding to my scrapbook
Scrapbooking is a quiet passion of mine. Every month or so I print out a lot of polaroids and just spend a few hours decorating and organising them into my scrapbook. I find it a great way to reminisce and think about my happy memories however insignificant and stupid they may be. I have recently started a scrapbook specifically for polaroids and me and my friends. The past few years we’ve done a lot together and have taken a lot of photos to remember our experiences so I have dedicated a scrapbook especially for this.

17. Swimming
I used to swim a lot when I was younger and I regret not continuing as frequently but when I do I feel so incredible and refreshed afterwards.

18. Making a hot chocolate with all the toppings
Hot chocolate isn’t something I have a lot so when I do it’s a real treat. I have it with just milk so it’s especially creamy and love to top it off with whipped cream sprinkled with chocolate powder and marshmallows. It may sound like diabetes in a cup but holy moly it is amazing!

19. Having a Chinese takeout with my sister
For the past 10 years my family have always eaten Chinese from a particular restaurant and when we eat anywhere different it’s just not the same so whenever I want to treat my sister or vice versa we buy each other a Chinese takeout from this particular restaurant and eat it while tucked up on the sofa with our dogs watching The Big Bang Theory.

20. Listening to Disney soundtracks
When I say Disney I don’t specifically mean Disney movies I mean the old Disney channel programmes that played when I was a child before they started making awful shows about talking dogs. I have. A Spotify playlist with Hannah Montana, High School Musical, Camp Rock, Starstruck, Lemonade Mouth and Cheetah Girls albums as well as the traditional Disney movies. Listening to songs that I resonate with puts me in such a positive mindset and puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day.

H x


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